Topics Covered

The Warehouse Management Excellence Forum aims at focusing on the key prospects of the distribution efforts, enhancing warehouse and employee safety and minimizing costs etc of warehouses. The forum will also highlight the key benefits of the using new technologies, upgrading facilities and environmentally safe procedures etc.

Some of the topics confirmed include:
– Integrate with Supply Chain to Leverage Warehouse Efficiency
– When Warehouse “Excellence” is Not Good for Supply Chain
– The Judgement of Warehouse: Self-own or Outsource
– Re-design Warehouse Flow with Traditional Retail & E-com Business

Other topics to be discussed include:
– 20 warehouse and logistics efficiency ideas in 20 minutes
– E-Commerce Logistics: Is there a business case for automation?
– Lean concepts in warehouse management to drive productivity up
– Warehouse operation cost reduction secret – challenge productivity
– Recognising various storage methods to improve warehouse space utilization
– Familiarising with warehouse design to ensure space availability
– Increasing customer satisfaction from warehouse to delivery
– Adopting various metric systems to track for the warehouse performance
– Warehouse management and the role of the warehouse manager
– Building a skilled and dedicated team in ensuring warehouse efficiency
– Boosting the security and safety of the warehouse to minimise warehouse loss.

Join us at the Warehouse Management Excellence Forum to improve your warehousing performance with the minimal cost.This forum will cover various facets of warehouse performance optimisation, improvement, and productivity. Revamping your warehouses with new techniques, methodologies, tools and best practices to immediately drive greater profitability and business sustainability!

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